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Cloud and Dedicated Servers Everywhere Worldwide

cloud server

1 Provider, 100s of Countries and 1000s of Server Solutions Physically Located Wherever YOU Need.
How we did it? By empowering more than 1000 sysadmin from datacenter all around the world into the "SysAdmin World Empowerment Movement".

How does CenterServ manage to have servers in so many different countries?

It’s SIMPLE:  Through the SysAdmin World Empowerment Movement, an international IT association developed by CenterServ.

We are backed by THOUSANDS of system administrators from data centers all around the world!  Some are public data centers available to everyone and others are private such as banks, universities and even Governments.  EACH member is fully independent, but driven by our private and collective mission which results in higher service quality for the overall cloud industry.  For this reason, we should be proud of that mission and the IT experts who are geared towards perfection.  After all, they are the real reason why your business stays UP!

CenterServ is our central platform which helps all of us to serve cloud services better.

dedicated server

By being a socially responsible company that empowers key people in the web hosting industry, we know we are making the cloud a better place. This also makes our organisation, at a glance, the most extensive cloud server provider in the world.

Post by cloudserver1w (2017-01-08 13:07)

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